Jansz-Io Subsea Compression Project

Arcticnor have provided engineering services for ABB and Chevron. We have leading positions (PRE) in the electrification of the Jansz-Io subsea compression project outside the coast of Western Australia. Our responsibilities are the E-houses and Fin-Fans (HEX) on both Barrow Island and the Floating Control Station; critical utilities for the electrical equipment in order to operate. The main deliveries are Engineering Management, Structural calculations, Piping design, HVAC and Construction follow-up.

The Jansz-Io field is located around 200 kilometers offshore the north-western coast of Australia, at water depths of approximately 1,400 meters. The field is a part of the Chevron-operated Gorgon natural gas project, one of the world’s largest natural gas developments.